How to prevent your fogless shower mirror from fogging?

For the shower mirror to work and remain fogless, the mirror should be warmer than or as warm as the shower room.

This can be done using the hot shower water itself, either by filling up the water chamber at the back of the mirror if one is available or some mirror designs allow for warming it via a pipe attached to the mirror and the showerhead.

Another way to keep the shower mirror fog-free is by using an anti-fog surface treatment like anti-fog sprays and anti-fog cream. This chemical is designed to prevent fogging. Compared to the ‘warm water’ method, it doesn’t last as long, so it’s recommended to re-apply it as needed.

It is best to install the shower mirror in a spot where it will not come in contact with direct streams of water to avoid wiping the mirror unnecessarily.

You can either choose a fogless shower mirror with anti-fog treatment or one with a built-in hot water reservoir but you can have both with Mirrorvana’s dual anti-fog shower mirrors.

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