Are Plastic Shower Mirrors As Good As Glass?

Plastic mirrors are not only as good as glass mirrors, they are better in some ways. Here the advantages of plastic mirrors over glass mirrors:

  • Stronger and Shatterproof: They are more durable, shatterproof, and have high impact resistance, making them safer to use in more dangerous spots than glass. While glass can easily break, plastic mirrors are less likely to break
  • Lightweight: Because they are much lighter, adhesive or suction cups can hold the weight of the mirror if they are wall mounted. Also, they are easier to lift and handle--making them more suitable for travel use.
  • Easier to restore when scratched: Although acrylic mirrors are easier to scratch, they are easier to restore using acrylic polish.
  • Check out Mirrorvana’s brand of shower mirrors on Amazon which are made of 100% plastic.

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