Which makeup mirror is best for poor eyesight?

The best makeup mirror for those with poor eyesight is one that comes with magnification, a bigger viewing surface, and with adequate lighting.

Magnifying level ranges from 1x to 20x. Makeup mirrors with 10x to 20x would work perfectly for those who have bad eyesight. Strong magnifications on mirrors could cause dizziness or nausea, choose a magnified mirror that you can use with ease.

For lighting, LED makeup mirrors offer adequate lighting, it produces even, warm white lights that closely mimic natural outdoor lights, which is considered the most ideal lighting for makeup application. Also, they usually offer better color options, and some designs are dimmable. LED makeup mirrors are known to be energy-efficient.

While fluorescent bulbs and incandescent bulbs produce warm white light, generally they do not offer color variations and are not energy-efficient. And some users claim that incandescent bulbs produce heat that may damage your skin when exposed for long periods.

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