How much magnification do I need in a makeup mirror?

When choosing a makeup mirror magnification that best suits you, you have to consider the following:

  • Your vision-If you are farsighted, mirrors with magnifications between 5x to 20x are best, depending on how much aid you need to enlarge your image.
  • Position of the mirror-If you plan to mount it on the wall and a bit farther away from your face, you need one with lower magnification like 3x to 5x. The higher the magnification, the closer you will have to be to the mirror for a more detailed image, so If you plan to use your mirror up close you can use 10x to 20x magnification,

The degree of magnification usually depends on your personal preference and requirement. For those with normal vision, makeup mirrors with 3x-5x magnification are generally sufficient.

Extreme magnification may sometimes cause dizziness and nausea for some customers. And you need to be fairly close to the mirror to see a clear image or your image will appear upside down. Depending on the magnification level of your mirror, you have to be close enough and still be comfortable using the mirror.

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