What to look for in a makeup mirror for farsightedness?

For farsightedness, you need to consider the lighting effect of the makeup mirror. Whenever you apply fine details on your face, your eyes will stress out if the lighting on your makeup mirror is not sufficient or overly bright. Choose one with enough LED lights and make sure the light is white as it best mimics the natural outdoor light.

Also, look for a makeup mirror with a magnification feature, the magnifying power ranges from 2x up to 20x. Most users with normal vision use 2x to 5x level. For farsightedness, the mirror’s magnification depends on how much assistance you need to view your image comfortably . A 10x to 20x magnification should be sufficient.

Some of Mirrorvana’s magnified makeup mirrors are suitable for users with farsightedness. Choose the magnification that you can use comfortably even without wearing your glasses.

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