What type of mirror is a makeup mirror?

Mirrors have two types: plane and spherical.

Plane mirrors have flat surfaces. It reflects an identical image of the thing in front of it. An Example is your bathroom mirror.

Spherical mirror is a mirror with a curved reflecting surface. The curve is either inward(concave) or outward(convex). Your car’s rear view mirror is an example of a convex mirror.

Makeup mirrors, which are also called cosmetic mirrors, are concave mirrors. The mirror’s reflecting surface is curved inward. They are also called converging mirrors because the lights converge at one point then refocus them to one spot. Your reflected image may be smaller, same size or magnified depending on your distance from your makeup mirror.

Concave mirrors are used as makeup mirrors because they show an enlarged image of your face when kept near it--making it easy to apply your makeup with intricate details.

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