MV 7,8 ,11 Text Version Sample (No Videos And Pic)


1. Assembly

Our double-sided table top mirror comes with a protective box and a detachable base that is easy and convenient to pack—making it suitable for travel

The box contains: 1 mirror with pole, 1 Base, and 1 screw(if a part is missing or with issue/damage, please contact our customer support)

To assemble, simply screw the mirror to the base. To use your mirror for travel, just unscrew the base from the mirror and pack them carefully in the protective box. It is worth noting that different airlines have different policies when it comes to packing mirrors on board. It is best to check with them prior to your travel date to ensure if it’s ok to bring your Mirrorvana mirror with you.

2. How to remove the warning sticker from the mirror:

Start by prying the corner of the sticker with your finger then lift it off as gently as you can.

Though the warning sticker on the mirror surface was designed for easy removal, it might leave some residue. To easily lift off the residues, wet a towel or clean cloth with rubbing alcohol then lay it on the area with residues, let it sit for several minutes to soften it then rub off the residue. You can also use vinegar and WD-40 with the same procedures.

Do these steps gently and slowly to avoid scratching the mirror surface.